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"Once upon a time, there was a Jamaican civil engineer living in New York who hated his job, followed his passion, started a sideline business publishing his own books, found the courage to quit his job, escaped the rat race, ran off to a tropical island in the Pacific, and started a tourism business so he could give tours of the island to pretty girls every day...and live a nomadpreneur's dream life."....and now helps others live true to themselves! CV & media kit

photo of Walt and the ladies of singing group SNH48 Photo: Walt and members of Chinese idol group, SNH48--living out his "passionpreneur - nomadpreneur - vegan - minimalist - pacifist" lifestyle on the island of Saipan! more lifestyle photos | full story (blog) (photographer: Ferdinand Ramos)

Walt F.J. Goodridge is originally from the Caribbean island of Jamaica and holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Columbia University in New York City. However, after seven years working for the Port Authority of New York & New Jersy , this civil engineer and frustrated employee quit his job to pursue his passion for writing and helping others.
In addition to his author monikers as the original "Hip Hop Entrepreneur" author, "the Jamaican on Saipan," "the Jamaican in China," the "Ageless Adept," he is perhaps most widely known as the "Passion Prophet," author of Turn Your Passion Into Profit, and his series of books and products based on his PassionProfitâ„¢ Philosophy & Formula.
In 2006, Walt escaped from America to live on the Pacific island of Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), and has written several books about this US commonwealth, including:
Saipan Living, a Relocation Guide
Doing Business on Saipan,
Chicken Feathers & Garlic Skin: Diary of a Chinese Garment Factory Girl on Saipan,
Saipan Now,
There's Something About Saipan, and he collaborated with Riza Ramos on a book about typhoon Soudelor entitled
Drinking Seawater.
He writes freelance articles for the Saipan Tribune and Marianas Variety newspapers, and the Guam Business Journal. He conducts writer workshops to help aspiring authors on Saipan, Tinian and Guam, offers tours of the islands for curious visitors as well as residents, has been featured in several documentaries about the islands, and has received a CNMI Senate Resolution for his contributions to CNMI society.
The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Source, Billboard, Time, Black Enterprise, Essence, Ebony, South Africa's SArie Magazine as well as many others have featured his insights, inspiration and instruction, and his books have been used as texts for university courses in the US as well as Europe, and his ideas have been quoted in books by Guerrilla Marketing guru Jay Conrad Levinson, music industry pioneer Chuck D, and other business authors worldwide. Walt currently owns and operates over 50 websites, has written a total of over 25 books, over 400 business and motivational articles and over 500 inspiration poems known as "Life Rhymes."
Walt now lives a minimalist, untethered, nomadic, vegan lifestyle and could be just about anywhere on the planet at the moment. However, he's likely never too far from an internet connection to respond to emails to w@passionprofit.com!
Learn more about Walt at www.waltgoodridge.com. Download Walt's CV & Media Kit

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