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The Discover Saipan Waysides Tour App!

• Over 125 sites & points of interest*
• Photos/text of current/missing waysides
• Additional facts, figures and trivia
• GPS locations (opens in Googlemaps)
• Hard-to-find bird & wildlife posters
• National Register of Historic Places sites
• Garapan Heritage Trail sites
• Geocaching&trade sites
• works in offline mode once downloaded

*CATEGORIES: Chamorro / Carolinian/ Pacific island culture, Spanish era, German era & Japanese era, WWII, Memorials, Nature and Saipan Now!

SCOPE: features waysides maintained and/or funded by The CNMI Historical Preservation Office (HPO), National Park Service (NPS), American Memorial Park (AMP), Marianas Visitors Authority (MVA), Mayor's Office and other agencies and organizations.

With the DiscoverSaipan, DiscoverTinian & DiscoverRota series of self-guided, GPS-aided tour apps, you'll own a permanent record of over 200 waysides, photos and popular tourist/cultural sites! With it, you can: Play the Discover Saipan, Tinian and Rota game with friends and family Discover secret spots and trivia you never knew! Become the expert when you show your guests around the island! Help lost tourists! It will
• Provide useful information at your fingertips
• Instill a sense of pride in these islands
• Save time (Quickly answer questions ("How deep IS the Marianas Trench???")
• Preserve hard-to-find bird & wildlife posters ("Was that a Kingfisher?!")
• Update the app with each new version! REQUIREMENTS: For the best experience, your phone should have
• a default browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) for Googlemaps
• email client (Gmail, Outlook,etc.) to send us feedback

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Why I Created This App
a message from the designer
Here in the US, "waysides" are the informational signs you often find near historic places, culturally-significant sites, monuments, memorials, nature/wildlife conservation areas and scenic spots. They tell an important story and preserve the history and culture of a destination for visitors as well as residents.

Sometimes, however, due to typhoons or simply normal wear and tear, many of the waysides around Saipan, Tinian and Rota have disappeared. This app offers a permanent record of those signs to future visitors to the islands. Where possible, the actual text (shown in quotation marks in this app) has been transcribed.)

I also created this app to offer visitors to these islands a more comprehensive tour experience than the three-hour tour experience many people often get. Since I can't provide my own ALL-DAY, personalized, "Saipan in a Day," "World War II Pilgrimage," Discover Saipan," "Amelia Earhart History & Mystery" tours to everybody, this might be the next best thing: a self-guided, GPS-enabled, waysides-assisted tour of Saipan, Tinian and Rota! Consider it the SECOND best tour experience you can find here!
But wait! There's more!
The information provided in this app is culled from the "waysides" erected, maintained or funded by the Marianas Visitors Authority (MVA), The Northern Marianas Humanities Council (NMHC), the Historic Preservation Office (HPO) and the National Park Service (NPS). However, there's so much more to discover about Saipan, Tinian and Rota--information these signs can't offer!

For instance, the optimal Tinian tour experience requires use of your imagination to really immerse yourself in the history of the island, what it represents in historical context, and how it has evolved to present day. While the sites and waysides themselves are accessible to anyone, it's the knowledge of the history, the culture, as well as the nuance of contemporary life on ALL of these islands that really bring everything to life. A face-to-face tour by a local human guide can nudge that imagination in the right direction! So, please consider hiring a local guide--even if it's not me!
GPS Coordinates
The GPS coordinates provided in this app are the precises locations (accurate to within 5 meters) of the information sign, nearest major landmark or the best vantage point for viewing the site. In some cases (Forbidden Island, for instance), the best viewing point is above the island from the lookout point!

Limited Access
This online edition is merely a preview of the actual app, and may not be accessible forever. While complete in every way, the actual app loads faster and will exist on your device. Please consider supporting the project by purchasing the app. It's only $1.00. I said, "one dollar!"

Thanks, and enjoy the app!

--Walt F.J. Goodridge,
author of
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There's Something About Saipan: A visitor's guide to fantastic facts, tantalizing trivia, startling statistics, dramatic diaries and hair-raising history from America's most colorful island territory! View all in this app !

Special Thanks to:
Ferdinand & Riza Ramos, Cassandra Randolph, Christian & Claudia Scherkenbach, Gary Liddle, Ray & Gledsie Stewart

Please note that neither CNMITourism.com nor Discover Saipan™ are affiliated with either the government of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) or the Marianas Visitor Authority. These apps, sites, publications and merchandise are independently conceived, researched, created, coded, designed and self-funded by Walt F.J. Goodridge, owner of the domains and company.

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