Made in America! 1. The original lighter was inspired by a clunkier Austrian version.

3. "The Fan Test" helped Zippo win converts.
The handy design of the Zippo lighter’s chimney helped it stay lit even in a strong breeze, and the company touted this feature in its early advertising. Ads challenged readers to use the “Fan Test”—holding a lit Zippo in front of a fan—to show just how windproof the lighter was. 5. A fish chipped in on later marketing efforts. The Zippo lighter’s tough design made it a favorite among soldiers, and the company cleverly played up this durability in its postwar advertising. A 1960 print ad recounted a story from a retired fish and game officer about a local fisherman who caught an 18-pound pike in a New York lake, only to discover a Zippo in its stomach. To the fisherman’s amazement, the lighter lit on his first try.

7. Each Zippo lighter is backed with a lifetime warranty. If you ever break your Zippo, you can get it repaired, regardless of when you purchased it. Buyers have definitely taken the company up on its offer; Zippo has made about eight million repairs to date.

9. It has stood the test of time.
In 2010, the handy lighter was included on TIME’s list of the 100 greatest gadgets of all time.

15. China loves Zippo.
China is the largest international market for Zippo, so the company operates 14 stores scattered around the country.

Purchase from a government agency. Authenticity guaranteed. 16. Frank Sinatra was buried with one.
Also found in Ol’ Blue Eyes’ coffin: Camel cigarettes, a bottle of Jack Daniels, and dimes (in case he needs to make a payphone call).

Numbered facts excerpted from "17 Windproof Facts About Zippo Lighters" by REBECCA OCONNELL"


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