Types of Tourism!
Excerpt from There's Something About Saipan, CNMITourism's "Do-it-Yourself" Island Guide
People travel for many reasons. Here is a short list of the travel obsessions and passions Saipan, Tinian and Rota ("the CNMI!")can fulfill for the uniquely-motivated, curious tourist:

Abandoned places (Ruin tourism): Fiesta Mall, the “castle” hotel at the airport, lighthouse, garment factories on Saipan; Japanese Radio Building on Tinian.

Adventure tourism: camping on Managaha; hiking and trekking on Saipan; Rota for cave enthusiasts!

Atomic Tourism: learn about the Atomic Age by visiting sites in atomic history (museums with atomic weapons, vehicles that carried atomic weapons or sites where atomic weapons were detonated, assembled or launched. (Bomb pits, atomic bomb replicas on Tinian.)

Birth Tourism (and babymoon): travel to a country for the purpose of giving birth. babymoon: n. a vacation taken by couples expecting a child; it's assumed to be the last vacation the couple will have as a couple until their child leaves home when they reach legal age.

Couchsurfing: See the world one couch at a time! We've got a few hosts in the CNMI!

Cultural Tourism: Saipan, the perfect melting pot!

Disaster tourism: Saipan (after typhoon Soudelor)

Day Tripping: in & out for a one day “daycation!”

Diving Tourism: World class dive sites in the CNMI!

Dark Tourism aka Thanatourism” (e g.: Hiroshima Peace Memorial in Japan, Chernobyl in Ukraine, Ground Zero in New York one year after September 11, 2001. Also includes the Auschwitz concentration camp.)

Domestic Tourism: experience international flavor while still technically in the US!

Ecotourism: Saipan, Tinian, Rota & Pagan

Geocaching: We've got several hidden geocaching treasure hunting spots on Saipan, Tinian and Rota.

Railroad enthusiasts: a narrow gauge railroad once circled both Saipan and Tinian.

Lighthouse enthusiasts: There's one on Saipan!
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Shark tourism: keeping the species alive to thrive

Sports tourism: Tagaman triathlon, bicycle races on Saipan and Tinian!

War tourism (militarism heritage): former military sites. Find more relics here than most other destinations.

 And, of course, there's Saipan's specialty: good, old fashioned, family-friendly, “sunshine and beach, escape the rat-race, get-away and rejuvenate tourism!”

See our amazing, multi-layered, multi-interest, customizable tourist Map of Saipan HERE (coming soon!)


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