CNMITourism Contribution (Change Quantity to Any Amount)
While it's true that many people will use the Virtual Visitor Center free of charge, that hardly means it was free to create or that it will be free to maintain for future visitors. Elements of this project were months and even years in the making. People worked, are working and will work to make it reality, and it's only fair that their time, investment, insights and energy be rewarded where possible.

Your contribution in ANY amount helps to
• Pay for the annual domain registration ($13.10/yr)
• Pay for monthly website hosting ($9.99/m)
&bull pay for the annual SSL Certificate ($49),
• [Pay for the monthly Paypal business account ($30/mo)
• Translate the site content into Chinese, Korean, Japanese & Russian
• Pay for image license fees
• Provide a small expense allowance to any student volunteers who gather information, respond to emails and answer phones
• Pay for ongoing wi-fi access required to maintain and monitor the website

Even if you'e a Saipan resident or never plan to visit Saipan as a tourist, if you see the value in this effort and simply wish to show your support, feel free to contribute ANY amount, even $1.00!

Click on the green"Add to Cart" below, then change the quantity to any amount to equal the dollar amount of your desired contribution (click to update the quantity), then click "checkout" and proceed.