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The Danger Zones Project recognizes that while Saipan is a very beautiful and friendly island community, there are dangers (waves, rocky terrain, unexploded World War II ordnance) here too.

We hope that by making people aware of the Danger Rating of certain sites, that we will encourage visitors and residents alike to exercise caution when enjoying the island's amazing beauty!

NOTE: The rules, particularly at the tourist sites where DEATHS have occurred, have been developed over many, many years, and are in place for reasons beyond your own individual safety. Your actions affect the safety of other visitors, as well as the livelihoods of the security personnel and life guards who are there to make sure EVERYONE is safe, and equally looked after and equally attended to. Your behavior on any one day affects life on Saipan and even the reputation of your couchsurfing host long after you are gone.

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Attention law enforcement, researchers and other interested parties: Full access to this database of incidents at all locations and villages as well as for each month for years going back to 2000 (including data analyses, maps, tables, pie charts and projections) are available in the Pro Edition of this Danger Zones Resource. Contact us for details.

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